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Peter Campbell
On 11/19/15, 10:09 AM

Below we have posted an easy and handy chart which will provide a direct reference of the replacement models of the IR32 Universal. These conrollers have been phased out by Carel back in 2009 and are fully replaced by the new IR33 Universal. The IR33 Universal can now accept also ACTIVE inputs in all models with a "9" on the sixth digit of their ordering code.

Replacement chart for IR32 UNIVERSAL

IR32 - CODE   DESCRIPTION                                                                                REPLACED

IR32A00000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 4 SSR OUTPUT,  NTC INPUT                  IR33A7LR20

IR32A10000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 4 SSR OUTPUT, PT100                           IR33A9MR20


IR32A30000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 4 SSR OUTPUT 4/20 MA                         IR33A9MR20

IR32A40000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 4 SSR OUTPUT, -0,5/+1VDC                   IR33A9MR20

IR32D0L000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 1 SSR OUTPUT, NTC INPUT                   IR33A7LR20

IR32D1L000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 1 SSR OUTPUT, PT100 INPUT                IR33A9MR20

IR32D2L000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 1 SSR OUTPUT, J/K INPUT                     IR33A9MR20

IR32D3L000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 1 SSR OUTPUT, 4/20MA INPUT               IR33A9MR20

IR32D4L000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 1 SSR OUTPUT, -0,5/+1VDC INPUT         IR33A9MR20

IR32V0L000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 1 RELAY, NTC INPUT                              IR33V7LR20

IR32V1L000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 1 RELAY,  PT100 INPUT                          IR33V9MR20

IR32V2L000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 1 RELAY,  J/K INPUT                               IR33V9MR20

IR32V3L000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 1 RELAY,  4-20MA INPUT                         IR33V9MR20

IR32V4L000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 1 RELAY,  -.5/1 INPUT                              IR33V9MR20

IR32W00000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 2 RELAY, NTC INPUT                              IR33W7LR20

IR32W10000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 2 RELAY,  PT100 INPUT                          IR33W9MR20

IR32W20000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 2 RELAY,  J/K INPUT                               IR33W9MR20

IR32W30000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 2 RELAY,  4-20MA INPUT                         IR33W9MR20

IR32W40000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 2 RELAY,  -.5/1 INPUT                              IR33W9MR20

IR32Z00000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 4 RELAY, NTC INPUT                                IR33Z7LR20

IR32Z10000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 4 RELAY,  PT100 INPUT                            IR33Z9MR20

IR32Z20000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 4 RELAY,  J/K INPUT                                 IR33Z9MR20

IR32Z30000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 4 RELAY,  4-20MA INPUT                          IR33Z9MR20

IR32Z40000    IR32 PANEL MOUNTING - 4 RELAY,  -.5/1 INPUT                               IR33Z9MR20

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